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Young college students in the new network of Nankai remember Mandela talk about world peace in Tianjin on 7 December, (Lu Yang Jiang Luyang Mandela) "is a persistent, safeguarding world peace warrior, his spirit deeply infected with each and every one of us, we are willing to go forward hand in hand, practice tolerance, understanding, respect,Prada Eyeglass Frames, philosophy,Prada Eyeglasses, and constantly strive to the peace of the world." In December 7th, held at the Nankai University youth peace friendly exchanges, the promotion of world peace as the UK, Japan, Singapore and other countries students have increased the Mandela memorial ceremony, cherish the memory of heroes. The meeting by the Nankai University Zhou Enlai · Ikeda Oku Research Association, from Nankai University, Japan, Soka University students gathered to exchange ideas, peace and friendship,Prada Umbrella, to celebrate the seven anniversary of the establishment of Zhou Enlai · Ikeda Oku research association. In December 5, 1974, Premier Zhou Enlai regardless of physical illness and the Japanese Soka Gakkai Mr. Ikeda Oku for half an hour meeting, has an important influence on the Sino Japanese friendship and world peace. To commemorate this historic moment, Nankai University in December 5, 2006, Zhou Enlai · Ikeda Oku Research Institute. Study on Zhou Enlai, Ikeda Oku thought and Practice for the purpose, members mainly from Asian countries Britain, Japan, Singapore etc.. Research by regularly held a youth seminar, international youth reading, cherry and other activities to promote youth exchanges,Prada Bucket Hat, learning, inheriting the peace mission. At the meeting, the dean of Nankai University’s Institute of Education Zhou Enlai, Marx · Ikeda Oku research will guide teacher Ji Yaguang professor said, in the complex international issues today, young students the sincere communication with people moving, looking forward to the young students through joint efforts, will spread the message of peace ideas to more people, the peace and friendship belief is rooted in our hearts. The responsibility of youth, peace mission, female value and nongovernmental diplomacy and other content, teachers and students of communication research. The Japanese Soka University Teacher Ueno Rie said, group discussion is a very good way to learn English, in twenty-first Century as a young man, of great value to respect differences, understanding personality. The students hope that the youth of the world heart to heart communication can become a link between inter State Peace and friendship, will be "weeks pool" spirit of continuity. Activities at the scene, the young students with singing and dancing, happy to share the message of friendship. (end)

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